Why Businesses Should Consider Using a Social Media Agency

Dec 2020
Jessica Valentine

We as a collective in this industry understand that it can be scary outsourcing for any part of your business, especially if you’re feeling worried that third parties can change your professional image. However, with aspects such as budgeting and specialist roles, there are many benefits to consider hiring a social media agency for your business.

Why should your business consider using a social media agency?

To put it briefly, hiring a social media agency means that your business will have a team of experts to help grow your business. Social media agencies are full of people who live and breathe social, and they constantly develop their skills, as well as keeping up to date with industry news to use the latest strategies and tools for your business goals.

73% of marketers believe that social media has been very effective for their business and our clients would agree!

  • Increase Sales

Increasing your sales, sign ups, or other business goals should be the key driving force of hiring any social media agency. Social media channels have matured in the last few years and now more than ever they are concentrating on helping increase revenue for businesses across the world. Facebook and Instagram have tailored their platforms to social commerce, driving their users to discover and shop directly on the platforms.

A social media agency will work with you to create a strategy to deliver on your business goals and then implement this strategy either through an ongoing retainer or a campaign period.

  • Optimise Productivity For Your Business

Using a social media agency will open up extra time for areas of business that you need to focus on.

To begin your new relationship with an agency, you must set clear goals about what you want the agency to do for you. For example, this can be wanting to increase your s-commerce sales by the end of 2021 or needing help for a new product campaign.

Hiring an agency means that there will always be a team available to look after your social channels as well as usually provide other services such as; social media management, content creation, design, website builds, email marketing and much more!

A great agency should allow you to control how involved you would like to be in the management of social media marketing, for example art direction, reporting and account management meetings as well as community management of your community.
Overall, this can improve productivity for your own business responsibilities!

  • It’s Cost Effective

Recruiting a social media agency is cost effective compared to traditional marketing in-house.
They will help you create a strong social media strategy across multiple channels to maximise revenue streams for your business.

An established agency will employ specialists in all different fields (e.g. strategists, content creators and account managers) which means that you don’t have to worry about making room for extra salaries and costs.

Another amazing thing about using a social media agency is that they will have a number of tools at their disposal (e.g. Adobe Creative Suite, Insights Tools, Schedulers) to assist with design, management and scheduling. All of these elements will be part of the package.

  • Creative Content

The greatest perk of using a social media agency is having the ability to create amazing content that is tailored for each platform. An agency will be able to differentiate content to each of the platforms you use. For instance, no one wants consumer fatigue because the content becomes repetitive across all platforms, so hiring experts in creating content will keep your audience engaged.

An agency will be able to produce the best creative content to increase brand awareness and engage with your audience.

To summarise…

Using a social media agency is a fantastic way to help your business grow through social commerce, driving sales through advertising, looking after your social channels and maximising your return on investment.

Social Media is a trade not a trend! 

If you’d like to increase your social sales, we are specialists in creating social media marketing strategies that deliver results, so drop us a line!