Chelsea Creperie


photo of a crepe


  • Raise awareness of Chelsea Creperie as an Instagram and influencer hot spot for delicious and mouth-watering food
  • Create buzz and demand through Instagram
  • Organically grow the channel


  • Instagram and social channel clean up
  • New content strategy
  • Social strategy developed and implemented to increase social output and raise quality standards
  • 3 campaigns put in place for Halloween, Black Friday and Christmas
  • Engaging staff and members both offline by creating content and online by engaging and sharing their content
  • Paid advert strategy for campaign periods, including, reach, consideration and conversion adverts
"It has been an absolute joy working with Jessie and Social Mode. I've been thoroughly impressed with the results so far, in particular the fact that there has been a huge increase of followers on my Instagram account over a short period of time - we have grown from 2,000 to now over 10,000 followers."
Darya Simanovich - Chelsea Creperie


- 2,000 - 10,000 followers within 8 months organically

- Establishing a consistent engagement rate of 25% (industry standard is 5%)

- Decreasing influencer spend to £0 through Instagram hype

- Increasing organic influencers visiting the crêperie (who have over 30k followers) from 0 to 5 per week

Their Instagram
photo of a crepe
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