Product Launch

photo of a lady having make-up applied


  • Create a 3 month campaign to generate brand and product awareness for Transformulas Flawless - PhotoGlow moisturiser amongst 25-35 y/o whilst not alienating current audience of 40-60 y/o
  • Develop the visual guidelines to reflect the brand’s updated visual direction
  • 650,000 impressions, 20,000 clicks to product page
  • Ultimately drive sales


  • Delivered 3 films in 3 formats for social, paid media and Transformulas’ website. These films showed a professional makeup artist preparing models for makeup, demonstrating the versatility of the product on three ages to be inclusive of all audiences
  • Over 700 individual assets created
  • A social media clean-up to remove previous sales messages and post high quality images
  • Paid media strategy in the last two months of the campaign with 30 optimised adverts
  • 5 paid influencers posting the results from using Flawless PhotoGlow over a two-week period
  • Over 50 products gifted to micro influencers
"We have been so impressed with this work and the impact it has had on our sales! It has been a delight to work with Jessica and the team."
Alan Dodsworth


- 30,000 unique website clicks

- 1.6 million impressions

- 217% uplift on week on week transactions as a direct result of paid influencers and paid social

- 65 organic pieces of social coverage with over 600,000 views

- 18% follower growth rate

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photo of a lady having make-up applied
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