Social Management

photo of the 12x3 boxing gym ring


  • Position TwelveThree as a boutique boxing gym amongst 23-35 y/o through quality and engaging content and social campaigns
  • Develop yearly marketing plan in line with business aims
  • Drive sales online through a robust social advertising strategy


  • Instagram and social channel clean up
  • Social strategy developed and implemented to increase social output and raise quality standards
  • 3 campaigns put in place for Halloween, Black Friday and Christmas
  • Engaging staff and members both offline creating content and online engaging and sharing the gym content
  • Paid advert strategy for campaign periods, including, reach, consideration and conversion adverts
"Social Mode and Jessie have assisted us with all aspects of growing our business, from social strategy, to advertising, content creation and now website development and partnerships. Social Mode has really gotten the bigger picture and we look forward to a long-standing relationship."
Lloyd Salmnons, TwelveThree Gym, Saatchi & Saatchi, Outside Line


- 20% Instagram growth over a two month period through quality content

- 5.0 ROI on sign up conversion adverts

- 200% engagement uplift from campaigns and always on

- Re-engage staff both offline and online by creating an active community

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photo of the 12x3 boxing gym ring
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