LIVE! TwelveThree - New website build

Feb 2020
Jessica Valentine

TwelveThree is a boutique boxing gym that boasts the likes of Ellie Goulding and Chelsea FC training with them. The gym was founded by England Boxing Coach Ryan Pickard and World Champion Heavyweight Darren Barker, who couldn’t have created a better community spirited gym! We’re very proud to call them our client.


The gym gets a lot of engagement; being picked up in press as a ‘top workout in London’ and a huge number of daily searches. Together Social Mode & TwelveThree could see the many opportunities that were being missed from not having a fully optimised website.

What is a fully optimised website? It is so much more than just design! A fully optimised website will include a clean build, great SEO strategy and relevant content at the right amount. This will give you the best possibility to be on the holy grail first page of Google for certain keyword searches, without any paid media.


We worked with our trusted partners Fountain Digital to build a slick and optimised website to reap rewards from the large sum of fitness related google searches in London. Together, we completed the build in less than 4 weeks, including design, photography, copywriting, page builds, blog posts and initial SEO optimisation. The site was built on Webflow and was able to be done at speed due to Neil’s 8+ years of creating custom built sites on the platform. Webflow is great for SEO and indexing on Google because of its clean coding. The site is hosted on Amazon servers, meaning it loads very quickly.  

"At the time of launching the site TwelveThree were on the 4th page of Google for keyword search ‘boxing gym London’ by the end of launch day they are on page 1!"

We are continuing the SEO strategy for at least another 3 months to move the website to the 1st page for many keyword searches.  

Big up to the team who worked on this; Neil, Jessie, Lucy, Karen, Jasmine and Owen.